How do I find my VIN number ?


The V.I.N. comprises 17 characters, coded in accordance with European Economic Community (EEC) and National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) directives. For change point identification in Service Notes, Service Bulletins and Service Parts Lists, typically, only characters 10 (model year), 11 (plant), 12, (build type) and 14 to 17 (serial number) will be quoted.

The V.I.N. should always be quoted with any vehicle enquiries, as Factory records are filed against V.I.N., and specification change points are identified by V.I.N. or engine number. The vehicle licence plate should be disregarded in this context as it may not accurately reflect vehicle age, and may also be changed during the car's life.

VIN Location Elise / Exige

Printed on a label stuck to the inside of the chassis side-frame alongside the drivers seat.

Stamped on the chassis in the right hand front wheel-arch area, viewable with the front wheels turned to right full lock.



VIN Location Evora

The chassis frame is stamped with the V.I.N. on the crossmember beneath the driver's seat, accessible inside the cabin with the seat slid fully rearwards. Pull back a flap in the carpet to view.

The number is also printed on a label stuck to the vertical face of the fuel tank bay, below the front edge of the right hand rear seat cushion or luggage shelf. Pull back a flap in the carpet to view.


VIN Location All Models

Windscreen: Viewable from the outside of the vehicle, located on a plate positioned between the left hand front edge of the dashboard and inside of the windscreen.