Searching & Downloading Documents


To search please enter the full 17 digit VIN number* of the vehicle (using Capital letters). More information on how to find the VIN may be found in HOW DO I FIND MY VIN NUMBER?. Once the VIN has been entered, the search will show the documents available for free or for purchase by category.

*Please Note: a full and valid VIN is required to ensure that the correct documents are displayed for your vehicle.  Whilst this site may display documents based on the 17 digit VIN that you have entered, it should not be assumed to be valid, i.e., the site will not differentiate between valid or invalid VINs.  Please refer to the vehicle VIN label or the registration document to ensure you are entering a full and valid VIN.  Lotus does not accept responsibility for search results ensuing from the use of an incorrect or invalid VIN.  Alternatively, a search can be conducted by listing the specification of your vehicle in the appropriate fields to ensure the correct documents are displayed for the vehicle details selected.

You will need to register onto the Lotus Vehicle Service Information Centre to download the documents applicable to the VIN entered.

Once registered, users can download documents by purchasing a time limited pass. Passes allow logged in users unlimited access to information applicable to their VIN for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or a year.

All users can search the resource by Vehicle Identification Number, model and variant i.e., manual or automatic transmission.

The unauthorised republishing of information held on this site is forbidden. Please see the full Terms of Service.